The Body Code

The Body Code addresses the imbalances in the body and is divided into 6 categories: energies, energy circuits, toxins, pathogens, structural blockages, and diet / lifestyle. The aim in finding imbalances is to allow the body to use its inherent, natural self-healing capabilities. Dr. Bradley Nelson has devised a software program that guides us, as we use simple questions to explore and gain answers through muscle testing, to imbalanced areas. We explore these to discover how intertwined the imbalances are throughout the body. For instance, an imbalance in any one gland or organ is not just that organ because the imbalance affects other areas in the body and mind. In German, we say that we ‘follow the red thread’ and in English perhaps it is like ‘following the cookie crumbs”. Ultimately, we uncover many connections and work to bring them into balance. The Body Code often includes working together with the Emotion Code.


For more information, you can read Dr. Nelson’s Book: The Emotion Code or check out the website:

My teachers, Dr. Bradley Nelson and Jean Nelson.