Look better, feel better, be better.

From the humble beginnings of facial therapy, BioStimula has burgeoned into a whole body and mind system for improving our own self worth.  Find out how I learned to stop worrying about “how I look” and instead to focus on “how I look at myself.”

Inspiration has guided me every step along the way – to evolve my professional life. I continue to work hand-in-hand with science and complimentary health treatments — working to uncover methods that will help others to perceive the world in a positive way.


I have spent most of my working career actively providing rehabilitation and doing clinical research (working in clinics and hospitals, teaching in universities, publishing scientific papers, lecturing internationally) in the area of bionic devices. My doctorate work led me to specialize in ways to help translate the perceptions of the physical world into how the brain could interpret sound.

I discovered the Emotion and Body Code by happy chance, as was the case for Transformational Breath. As I was open and actively seeking this kind of information, my interest was piqued. I was looking for ways to change behaviour, and these methods resonate with me. Now the energetic side of my work allows me to combine my scientific approach with counseling; in particular, to bring the body more into energetic balance.

The outcomes for those with whom I work never cease to bring me into a state of gratitude. I look forward to sharing these with you.