About Me

Dr. Dianne Mecklenburg

I am Dr. Dianne Mecklenburg.

Years ago, I was asked on video at a family reunion by my sister-in-law, Phoebe, “Is there anything that you have accomplished in your life that you feel very good about or that you still want to accomplish?”

I responded: “The work that I have done in my profession, in medical devices, I feel that I accomplished a great deal – having brought new ideas, new concepts, new test and evaluation methods, new training methods – things like that. I am very pleased with that, very proud of the work, I think that it has contributed a lot to the world.

But what I WANT to do is to contribute in a different way – to contribute at some kind of a higher level so I need to move forward with something that is going to give me a basis to do something bigger – there’s something bigger inside me to share, to help. I am trying to discover what that is.”

This idea is what inspires and motivates me.

I realized that there was something greater than that success. Even while I was still doing my clinical research, I had been pursuing other, more intuitive, ways to help others. It has not been a direct path, but it has been instructive, varied, and fulfilling.  The methods I am using now are simple, accessible, and I think very effective.

From the humble beginnings of facial therapy, BIOstimula has burgeoned into a whole body and mind system for improving our own self worth, capacity for contentment, and well-being.

Contact me at biostimula@hispeed.ch.

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