Testimonials for the Body Code

I came to Dianne to try the Body Code after dealing with a chronic cough, congestion and bronchitis for more than a year. Desperate to find relief, I had previously taken doctor prescribed antibiotics, corticosteroids and a Ventolin inhaler with no resolve. After a few sessions with Dianne, I immediately felt things shifting in my lungs and my last session was truly extraordinary. I have barely coughed since and I am confident that it has been cleared. The Body Code is a simple, yet extremely effective technique to address anything that ails you. Dianne is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner that I can’t recommend highly enough.

DSP, Basel, Switzerland

This process is so much fun and it really works. Every time Dianne guided me through it with her usual empathy and kindness, my hip pain disappeared for an extended period of time. And my heart wall diminished too. I feel lighter and calmer.

KC, Obermorschwiller, France

Dear Dianne,
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. We have had some Body Code sessions, focusing on my stress level. Since we have started, I feel a lot calmer and I am able to deal with my divorce situation almost without anxiety or fear. My relationship with my children moved up to a level of happiness and harmony, I did not even think it would be possible. Thanks to you, I also finally got rid of my Heart-Wall. It kept rebuilding and I did not know why until you found the underlying reason for that to be happening: a psychic trauma. Since you cleared that psychic trauma, my Heart-Wall is gone and I feel so at peace with myself. Dianne, you are a beautiful person, always sharing a smile and demonstrating great enthusiasm for the work you do.
Thank you, Dianne!

AS, Berlin, Germany

My skin got better and better after the beginning of the Body Code sessions. And after a few sessions, there was no skin irritation anymore. In one session, I had headache and after the session my brain felt better. After that I had for a long time no headache. One evening I wrote Dianne that I felt fear. She just connected herself with me and did some things. After that I felt better and my body felt lighter. Since then I never felt a strong fear again.

KP, Allscwil, Switzerland

My right AND left shoulder and upper arms do not hurt anymore!!! This is a totally exciting experience and I wonder how it will be tomorrow. I let you know. Hey, I am so thankful for what you did ???.

YE, Fluh, Switzerland