I sustained a serious injury to the right side of my face in a river-rafting accident, damaging facial nerves and breaking my cheekbone. In addition to helping speed the recovery, I found that certain exercises produced a more youthful appearance. They reduced some of the wrinkles and sagging facial tissue. They also helped to increase the blood flow which lead to an improvement in my skin texture and colour.

It is these benefits that inspired me to structure the program for others. My decades of experience as a teacher in universities, international workshops and individualized clinical training sessions enabled me to develop easy-to-use exercises. These exercises have been incorporated into an interactive CD-ROM (no longer available).

What I have learned over the years, however, is that the most beneficial aspects of FaceMatters are the massage sections. This is because many people doing exercises actually increase lines and wrinkles because they do not properly anchor the muscles. Thus, I have developed small booklets (available in English, Spanish, French and German) to describe the massages, along with the still-useful exercises.

FaceMatters® has evolved into an innovative, easy-to-follow suite of facial massage exercises, that enables the user to strengthen the muscles in the face and the front of the neck, thereby improving the  facial circulation.

Improve facial tone and circulation, which reduce signs of aging.